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Photo Editing

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Making a Car in Motion - Grey Cobra - Broken Link
Make a car appear to move by using a motion blur, two images, and the selection tools.
Category: Photo Editing | February 1, 2005 | 319 total clicks
Automatic Shadows - FotoFects - Broken Link
Although reducing shadows using the shadows/highlights tool creates a more dramatic effect, automatic shadows will not create any halos.
Category: Photo Editing | January 30, 2005 | 198 total clicks
Clouds - FotoFects - Broken Link
Add realistic clouds that blends into your photographs.
Category: Photo Editing | January 30, 2005 | 189 total clicks
Keying Green Screens - FotoFects - Broken Link
An effective way of making transparent backgrounds; especially for fine details like hair and fur.
Category: Photo Editing | January 30, 2005 | 234 total clicks
Magnifier - TutorialPark - Broken Link
Learn how to create a magnifier effect for certain parts of your photos.
Category: Photo Editing | January 30, 2005 | 222 total clicks
Advance Portrait Retouching - FotoFects - Broken Link
Create professional portraits using a combination of techniques FotoFects has invented and techniques commonly used in the photo retouching industry.
Category: Photo Editing | January 22, 2005 | 947 total clicks
Realistic Rain - FotoFects - Broken Link
Adding rain digitally can increase the drama in a photograph and it can even make it look more realistic. Often when photographing in the rain, the rain doesn't appear in the photograph. Here's an effective way of adding realistic rain by utilizing several layers of rain.
Category: Photo Editing | January 22, 2005 | 339 total clicks
Abstract 2d Art - Project-Angel.com - Broken Link
Ever seen the 2d in those amazing abstract pictures? Well, now you can discover how they are made, and make some yourself.
Category: Photo Editing | January 22, 2005 | 314 total clicks
Exaggerated Waterfall - FotoFects - Broken Link
A quick and effective technique to make waterfalls larger.
Category: Photo Editing | January 20, 2005 | 245 total clicks
The Terminator - Tutorial Wiz - Broken Link
In this tutorial, we'll be turning an ordinary person into The Terminator with scars and injuries too.
Category: Photo Editing | January 16, 2005 | 448 total clicks

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