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Professional Black and White Retouching - PictureCorrect - Broken Link
Learn this dodge and burn technique to retouch black and white photos like the pros.
Category: Photo Editing | July 15, 2005 | 403 total clicks
Radial Blur just the Background - PictureCorrect - Broken Link
Learn how to blur the background of a photo after isolating the subject.
Category: Photo Editing | July 11, 2005 | 417 total clicks
Eye Color - Meticulous Design - Broken Link
This tutorial provides an excellent look at how to use the eliptical marquee tool as well as techniques that can be applied.
Category: Photo Editing | July 7, 2005 | 478 total clicks
Change the Background of a Photo - PictureCorrect - Broken Link
Learn how to change the background of a photo to something more interesting using masks.
Category: Photo Editing | July 5, 2005 | 469 total clicks
Believable Water Reflection - ArtWorld - Broken Link
Concept artist Primoz Vodusek aka Ds33d shows you how to create a lifelike water reflection using Photoshop's clone stamp & displace filter. Exclusive to ArtWorld.
Category: Photo Editing | July 2, 2005 | 547 total clicks
Sketch - Meticulous Design - Broken Link
A nice tutorial that demonstrates how easy it is to turn a picture into a sketch.
Category: Photo Editing | July 2, 2005 | 557 total clicks
White Eyes - ArtWorld - Broken Link
A quick way to create white eyes and skin. Jason Poston teaches you how to use the healing brush, stamp and dodge tool to create this amazing effect.
Category: Photo Editing | June 30, 2005 | 525 total clicks
Making-of "Tac" - ArtWorld - Broken Link
In this step-by-step walktrough tutorial we will show you how illustrator Anze Versnik uses the Photoshop/Illustrator workflow and creates his artwork called "Tac". Exclusive to ArtWorld.
Category: Photo Editing | June 28, 2005 | 400 total clicks
Old Photo Effect - Tutorial Wiz - Broken Link
Here is a quick and simple way to turn your photo into an old photo
Category: Photo Editing | June 27, 2005 | 725 total clicks
Artistic Color Isolation - Biorust - Broken Link
In this world of 16.7m colors it may seem like a backward step to convert images into black&white but, as modern film noir has shown us, isolated color in monochrome images can be very eye-catching and portray important information & emotions.
Category: Photo Editing | June 23, 2005 | 601 total clicks

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