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The Power of Hue and Saturation Adjustment - New Free Templates - Broken Link
I have been using the Hue and Saturation Adjustment tools that Photoshop provides for a long time. Usually I am just making overall image adjustments, but from time-to-time there is a specific area of an image that needs adjustment when the rest of the image should stay the same.
Category: Special Effects | August 30, 2006 | 314 total clicks
Create a CD in Photoshop - New Free Templates - Broken Link
This week we are going to look at how to draw a CD in Photoshop 7. We will be using the new opacity options on the layer palette. We will also be using the fade fill command. Not too many people even know about this incredibly useful tool.

Category: Special Effects | August 30, 2006 | 335 total clicks
Using Masks to Create Seamless Backgrounds - New Free Templates - Broken Link
description: Ever wonder where all those seamless backgrounds come from? How does the creator get them to blend so...well, seamlessly? If you've tried to create your own, I'm sure you've perused at least a dozen tutorials on the subject.
Category: Special Effects | August 26, 2006 | 396 total clicks
Reverse Scan Lines - New Free Templates - Broken Link
Create subtle scaning lines across your image.
Category: Special Effects | August 26, 2006 | 371 total clicks
Posterizing Images in Photoshop - Oman3D - Broken Link
Turning your images into illustrations isn't as difficult as you might think. In this video tutorial, you'll learn how to make your images look cartoonish in just one simple step.
Category: Special Effects | August 22, 2006 | 453 total clicks
Motion Blur - - Broken Link
Use the motion blur filter to create professional looking type effects.
Category: Special Effects | August 20, 2006 | 374 total clicks
Retro Splash Display - - Broken Link
Create a very retro looking splash display with very easy to follow steps.
Category: Special Effects | August 5, 2006 | 667 total clicks
Rounded Edges Script - Concept Visionz - Broken Link
Indepth instructions for creating automated rounded edges for your images using photoshop's actions and batching features!
Category: Special Effects | August 2, 2006 | 487 total clicks
Be Superman - miligraf - Broken Link
Learn to make your own superman logo and become a superhero!
Category: Special Effects | August 2, 2006 | 565 total clicks
Star Surge - Flash Game Design - Broken Link
Learn how to create a colorful surge of stars.
Category: Special Effects | July 26, 2006 | 453 total clicks

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