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Typography Wallpaper with 9 Different Text Effects - - Broken Link
Learn how to create a typography wallpaper with 9 different text effects styles in Photoshop. We€™ll use a lot of different layer styles, layer masks, textures and a few filters.
Category: Text Effects | June 13, 2013 | 38 total clicks
Gothic Font - - Broken Link
I always want to make the very cool font and I studied it when I saw this gothic font one day. This tutorial explains how to create gothic font.
Category: Text Effects | April 27, 2013 | 49 total clicks
Computer Chip Text Effect - - Broken Link
Learn how to create a computer chip text effect. We€™ll use basic shapes, layer styles, layers masks and a few filters to create this cool text effect to give a technology feel on your texts.
Category: Text Effects | April 8, 2013 | 64 total clicks
Simple Zipper Text Effect - - Broken Link
Create a simple sports-themed zipper text effect in Photoshop CS6.
Category: Text Effects | April 4, 2013 | 69 total clicks
Vintage 3D Text Effect in Photoshop CS6 - - Broken Link
The 3D Environment in Photoshop CS6 is a great way to create amazing 3D text effects without the need for any other 3D software. This tutorial will explain how to use the many tools and settings to create a nice vintage 3D text effect.
Category: Text Effects | April 3, 2013 | 59 total clicks
Make the Christmas Snow Words - - Broken Link
This is a course for primers to teach them to make the snow effect by using the Filter Gallery
Category: Text Effects | March 27, 2013 | 40 total clicks
Glossy Neon Text Effect with Stars - - Broken Link
Follow this step by step Photoshop Tutorial to create a Glossy Neon Text Effect with a star field background creating a custom Pattern, using a lot of layer styles and adding a few highlights.
Category: Text Effects | March 13, 2013 | 61 total clicks
Retro 3D Halftone Text Effect - - Broken Link
Create a 3D Halftone Text Effect in Photoshop that can be used as a cool rock band cover using some cool flash shapes, the Text Tool and a lot of different layer styles.
Category: Text Effects | February 16, 2013 | 81 total clicks
Font with Strong Light Sense and Texture - - Broken Link
The poster designed this time is emphasized on the light sense and the texture.
Category: Text Effects | February 1, 2013 | 80 total clicks
Letterpress Effect Using Text and Shapes - Irene Thompson - Broken Link
Learn how to add the letterpress effect that many posh and specialized prints have. This involved adding specific blending options to text and shapes, plus some creative use of brushes and textures. While it sounds simple, there are some special moves here that might be a bit confusing for beginners.
Category: Text Effects | January 1, 2013 | 103 total clicks

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