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Building a Lego Bricks Photoshop Brushes set - The Photoshop Roadmap - Broken Link
This tutorial will step you through the way to building a group of Lego bricks that you can then save as a brush set. Two versions of the set were created to achieve different results while painting over a white or black background. The finished brush set is available for download.

Category: Basics | June 30, 2006 | 531 total clicks
Transparent GIF Guide - - Broken Link
Learn the basic photoshop techniques to create a transparent image.
Category: Basics | June 30, 2006 | 632 total clicks
QuickTime Play Button - Strawberry Yams - Broken Link
Learn and create how to replicate the QuickTime's play button!
Category: Basics | June 27, 2006 | 373 total clicks
Digital Candy - Melissa Clifton - Broken Link
This fast, easy tutorial will teach you how to use several filters to create your own digital candy.
Category: Basics | May 28, 2006 | 563 total clicks
Colouring Line Art - Melissa Clifton - Broken Link
Comprehensive tutorial that takes you through all the steps that I use to create my digital art. From scanning, to line art clean up, to the finished product.
Category: Basics | May 28, 2006 | 535 total clicks
Smooth Digital Shading - Troy Packer - Broken Link
Scan your pencil sketches into Photoshop and then create smooth digital shading.
Category: Basics | May 26, 2006 | 529 total clicks
Digital Coloring - Melissa Clifton - Broken Link
Step by step tutorial that explains the process of creating multi-tonal coloring for realistic detail in digital art. Learn how to color your own creature designs and more.
Category: Basics | May 26, 2006 | 505 total clicks
Extracting Hair - Biorust - Broken Link
Removing characters from their backgrounds is rarely as easy as using the 'Extract' tool, especially when hair or fur is involved. This tutorial details an simple yet devious workaround for times when you need to mask out hair/fur, but don't want to spend hours fidding at max zoom!
Category: Basics | May 13, 2006 | 1103 total clicks
DuoTones - Biorust - Broken Link
Even the best industry-standard printers have great difficulty printing more than 50 distinct shades of grey (i.e. 'Monotone'). To enhance this greatly and improve underlying tonal quality, a second color is often added, making the image two-color (or 'Duotone').
Category: Basics | May 3, 2006 | 609 total clicks
Create a folding paper effect. - Pixel Digest - Broken Link
Create a realistic folding paper effect.
Category: Basics | May 2, 2006 | 806 total clicks

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