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The Making of Seductive Intent - Biorust - Broken Link
The most complex and awe-inspiring digital paintings are often created using the simplest techniques. In this exclusive guide by our resident expert, Slickgreekgeo, you can find simple yet powerful techniques that will help your digital paintings reach new heights of excellence.
Category: Misc. | October 27, 2006 | 835 total clicks
Thermoptic Camouflage - Biorust - Broken Link
Thermoptic camouflage has been a popular component of sci-fi ever since it was first shown by the 'Predator'. Whilst modern interpretations may seem complex, it is very simple to duplicate this effect for single-frame images using only Photoshop and a little filtering know-how.
Category: Photo Editing | September 30, 2006 | 850 total clicks
Pixel Stretch Swirl - Biorust - Broken Link
Using the pixel stretch technique and polar coordinates, you can create interesting pixel swirls. This neat little effect that can be used with any picture & in any project, and it only takes a few quick steps!
Category: Misc. | September 29, 2006 | 795 total clicks
Creating A Colour Toning Curve - Biorust - Broken Link
The curves adjustment layer provides a sophisticated method for modifying the contrast of an image, but that is not all that you can do with curves. This tutorial tells you how to duplicate the colour toning of a reference image so that you can use it to tone other black and white pictures.
Category: Photo Editing | August 20, 2006 | 768 total clicks
Isometric Pixel Art - Biorust - Broken Link
Have you ever seen pixel art on games such as Coke Music or Habbo Hotel, and wanted to do such things yourself? Well then read on as we takesyou through the basic, intermediate, and advanced techniques that create such interesting, fun, and beautiful work.
Category: Basics | August 13, 2006 | 850 total clicks
Choppy Seas - Biorust - Broken Link
Its a sad fact, but newbies to the world of Photoshop texturing can sometimes feel lost at sea with all the options, filters, and plug-ins available to them. Instead of reaching for a lifeline, however, how about creating a simple seafaring texture on your very own monitor?
Category: Texture & Patterns | July 23, 2006 | 779 total clicks
Fake ASCII Art - Biorust - Broken Link
Ranging from simple objects created with punctuation marks to fully-fledged A4-sized masterpieces, text-art is a unique and often very difficult to master artform. But why spend hours with notepad when you can simply fake ASCII art using Photoshop in under 5 minutes?
Category: Web Graphics | July 21, 2006 | 990 total clicks
Water From Below - Biorust - Broken Link
Without specialist equipment it is usually a very bad idea to try and take underwater shots with your expensive digital camera! This tutorial details a simple way to keep your feet dry and create a realistic texture that closely resembles the surface of water if seen from below.
Category: Texture & Patterns | July 21, 2006 | 938 total clicks
Flower Patterns - Biorust - Broken Link
Simple to make, pleasing to the eye and, best of all, light on bandwidth, floral patterns have graced many great sites recently, and looked fantastic in the process. So, how are they created? Read on...
Category: Texture & Patterns | July 18, 2006 | 1011 total clicks
Metal Wires & Cables - Biorust - Broken Link
Wires are very popular additions to photoshop interfaces. This tutorial details a tehnique for creating a wire with a unique segmented metal appearance, and is an excellent variant of the usual plastic wires look.
Category: Web Graphics | July 18, 2006 | 806 total clicks

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