Photoshop Tutorials: Submit Tutorial

Thank you for your interest in submitting a tutorial to Capital Tutorial's index! To ensure that only quality tutorials are added to the index, all submissions are reviewed before they are posted.

Please follow the rules below in order for your tutorial to be accepted. Be aware that Capital Tutorials has the right to modify anything you submit below. If you have further questions, please contact us.

Submission Rules, Tips, and Guidelines
1. All thumbnails must be either a 40x40 JPG or GIF Image under 6KB and must not contain a web address on them.
2. Tutorial must not be located on a forum or message board that only members can view.
3. Only the author of the tutorial is allowed to submit it.
4. Always use the same name in the "Author" field. This makes tracking all of your submitted tutorials easier.
5. All tutorials must be Photoshop related.
6. Do not use the word Photoshop or tutorial in your title or description, as this is understood.
7. Use a short title for your tutorial; titles should be no more than a few words.
8. Make your description clear and to the point, yet descriptive of the final result.
9. Finally, this may seem obvious, but make sure to use complete sentences.

Title of tutorial:
Website/Author Name: (Exclude http://www.)
Tutorial URL:
40x40 icon:
Short description:
Before you submit, please make sure your tutorial complies with the Submission Rules, Tips, and Guidelines that are posted above the form.


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